Cosy terraces on the market square

Cosy terraces on the market square - Hotel Middelburg

Experience Middelburg

The Van der Valk Hotel Middelburg is located on the outskirts of the historic town of Middelburg. By car, taxi or bike: in no timr you will have arrived at the lovely centre of this fabulous city.

Culture-filled day

Historic Middelburg

The capital of Zeeland is a city that looks back on a grand past, which is reflected in its special buildings. These include the Abbey complex with Lange Jan or Long John, the town hall, the court of almshouses De Kuiperspoort and the Oostkerk or East church.

More about Middelburg

Zeeland Museum

The Zeeland museum or Zeeuws museum in Dutch is located within the Abbey complex at the city centre of Middelburg. By displaying wonderful presentations it shows an expected side of Zeeland.  

Meer over het Zeeuws Museum

All kinds of entertainment

ZEP Middelburg

The ZEP, Zeeland Entertainment Park, with among other things miniature park Mini Mundi, the Football museum, Climbing Adventure and Glow Golf, is located nezt to the Van der Valk Hotel Middelburg

ZEP Middelburg


In addition to the well-known store chains, Middelburg's cosy sidestreets host many small boutiques, antique and curiosity shops, antiquarian bookshops and galleries. 

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