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Meet in style
Meet in style

For a successful meeting


Well cared for


With dance floor



Because in time after a death enough for you, we are happy to assist you in a part of the farewell.

Being together after a farewell
You can contact us after the farewell. A condolence with all those present in the style of your loved one. A coffee table with the family, a drink to pick up memories or a dinner with an intimate company. A lot is possible. View our suggestions here.

Because of the variety of rooms within our hotel, there is always one where you feel comfortable.

Farewell service
Our location is also suitable for a farewell service. There are different rooms, the largest room accommodates 350 people.

Our hotel is located on the edge of Middelburg and within a few minutes from the cemetery and the crematorium in Middelburg. There is ample free parking at the hotel.

We will gladly take care of you. Please contact us via +31 (0) 118 442515 or