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We have gold! Green Key is a well-known international quality mark for sustainable companies in the hotel and recreation sector. You can see from this quality mark that we make every effort to minimize the pressure of our company on nature and the environment. With that, we go just a step further than the normal laws and regulations required. The certificate has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The more environmental measures a hotel has introduced, the higher the 'environmentally friendly' level. We can proudly announce that we are in possession of the golden Green Key.

Heat Power Coupling
The hotel is equipped with a Heat Power Coupler. A natural gas engine drives a generator with which power is generated. This is how we supply our entire hotel with electricity. And due to the heat released during the production of this electricity, we also provide hot water and heating for our hotel.

Heat recovery
Many products are cooled in a hotel. All this withdrawn energy is reused in the hotel. For example, keeping the beer cool keeps heating the building.

Climate control
A hotel room is only heated or cooled after a guest has checked in. A link between our climate and reservation system ensures this. In this way we avoid unnecessary energy consumption of non-let rooms. Even when the door of the room is opened, climate control switches itself off.
The climate control ensures that all the heat that is extracted from the hotel is reused.

By placing the key card in the card holder in the room, the electricity in the hotel room is switched on. This prevents the light from burning unnecessarily.

Infrared extraction system
By means of infrared, the kitchen hood detects the amount of smoke and adjusts the supply and discharge speed accordingly. This makes efficient use of energy.

LED lighting is almost exclusively used. Led consumes less energy than traditional lighting, does not contain harmful substances and is healthier because no UV radiation is released. Furthermore, LED lighting is less flammable and therefore safer.

More and more harmful substances end up in the soil and water. Some of these substances come from cleaning products, such as chlorine and phosphate. It takes a lot of effort and money to purify water to drinking water quality. We train our employees in the use of cleaning products so that the right products are always used. By providing different dosing applications in our company, we prevent unnecessary pollution of the waste water.

Waste separation
In addition to separating glass, paper / cardboard, plastic and residual waste, we also separate all our food residues in a so-called swill bin. Swill is an English term that stands for non-consumed portions of meals. Our swill waste, which consists of food waste, is pumped under pressure into an underground storage tank via a so-called dump table. This tank is emptied and further processed into biogas. To give you an idea of ​​the size: in 2014, 112 tonnes of swill waste was converted into 22,400 m3 of biogas.
We also separate candle grease, cartridges, small chemical waste, construction waste, garden waste and greases. The underlying idea behind waste separation is that the waste can be recycled.

The linen used to make the beds is changed every two nights instead of every night.

We also try to reduce the amount of towels that go to the laundry. By means of a card in the bathroom, the guest is asked to put the towel on the floor when it has to be changed.

In this way, the guest can decide for himself how efficiently he wants to deal with the environment without sacrificing comfort.

Paper and ink
Only less environmentally harmful paper is purchased. But we continue. Where possible, we can reduce the paper consumption so that it is not unnecessary to print and if printed, double-sided.

The old paper information folder in the hotel rooms has been replaced by an online version. This way the information can be made up-to-date at any time without having to print again.

Well Water
Our hotel guests receive a bottle of spring water in the rooms. This is Well Water, so a fixed amount goes from each bottle sold to sustainable initiatives. Both locally and globally. Five cents per liter goes to greening, clean seas and local charity. And what could be better to quench your thirst, and also help to make safe or clean drinking water elsewhere in the world.

Construction materials
In the case of new and renovated, environmentally friendly materials are used as much as possible. An example of this is our play castle that is built of FSC hardwood.

Staff members
By informing employees in detail about GreenKey and giving room for ideas, the involvement with GreenKey has grown. The measures that are taken to reduce the burden on the environment are to a large extent made by our employees.

Charging post
Drivers of electric cars like to see fast charging points along busy highways. At locations where you can drink a cup of coffee, check mail or work undisturbed. A growing number of Valk Exclusief hotels therefore offers the latest charging technology