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House rules

In the event of a violation of the rules as stated in these house rules or at the time of other undesirable or unlawful behavior, Valk Exclusief hotel Middelburg reserves the right to place you on the Alert List for a certain period of time and/or, if there is a serious violation, to share your data with other Valk Exclusive hotels so that you are no longer welcome there either. In the event of a placement on the Alert List, you will receive a written notification

General Rules

  • All instructions of employees of the hotel, which are related to the house rules must be followed.
  • We respect your privacy, however we are authorized to enter your room in case of "non-compliance with our house rules".
  • Damage, loss or destruction of property of the hotel leads to immediate removal, liability and/or reporting to the police.
  • In case of fire, keep calm. Report a fire to the reception via emergency number 2521 and/or hit the nearest fire detector.
  • Leave the building immediately in case of a fire alarm.
  • Do not use the lifts in the event of a fire..
  • It should be quiet in the entire hotel between 23:00 in the evening and 07:00 in the morning. Noise pollution is not tolerated.
  • Check-out is no later than 11:00, with the exception of suites, they can stay in the room until 12:00. After this time we will check the room.
  • In connection with the identification obligation, you must be able to show a valid proof of identification of all persons staying at the hotel at the time of check-in. The minimum age to stay in our hotel is 25 years, with the exception of children and young adults who stay with their parents.
  • It is mandatory to present a valid ID. If the room is reserved for 2 people, both must show a valid ID.
  • It is not allowed to receive unregistered or other hotel guests in the room. If other guests are found in the room, you will be asked to leave the hotel immediately.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the hotel room. If we find that there is smoking in the room, we are forced to charge € 175.00 for cleaning costs. If the fire alarm goes off due to smoking in the room, the call-out costs of the fire brigade of € 275.00 will be charged to you.
  • The use, trade or possession of narcotics (in any form) is prohibited. When using and dealing in drugs, the hotel management calls in the police and can proceed with removal without refund of payment.
  • A CCTV system operates within this Hotel. Please note the recordings of the system may be used by third parties if requested.
  • Lost property: please hand any item found to the reception.
  • The hotel is not responsible for loss or theft of your belongings.
  • The management, owner or employees of the hotel cannot be held responsible for any injuries, damage or losses to guests during the stay.
  • Due to hygiene regulations, the room must be cleaned once every three days. If you do not wish to be disturbed during the day, please consult the reception for an alternative cleaning time.
  • Pets are not allowed in the entire hotel.

House rules Wellness

  • To guarantee all our guests a pleasant stay in our fitness, we request that you observe the following house rules:
  • The wellness can only be entered with bath slippers or bare feet.
  • In the fitness, the use of a towel is mandatory.
  • After using our towels, please deposit them in the appropriate laundry baskets.
  • You must wear athletic shoes that have only been worn indoors.
  • Please clean the fitness and cardio equipment after use. You can use the paper tissues and the disinfectant for this.
  • Smoking and/or electronic cigarettes are not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to consume drinks.
  • Disruptive behavior, both verbal and non-verbal and unwanted intimacy, are not allowed.
  • Entering the fitness is entirely at your own risk. There are cameras in various places. Everyone who is in our fitness agrees to make recordings. In the event of incidents, these recordings can be shown to third parties as supporting material. Van der Valk Hotel Middelburg is not liable for physical injury, for theft, loss or damage to property of guests.

It is not allowed to:

  • Use the emergency exits to enter or leave the Hotel without an emergency.
  • Take any Hotel property outside of the Hotel. Any damage to Hotel property will be charged for.
  • To have, use or sell prohibited drugs or substances.
  • To use and/or take nitrous oxide patterns with you during your visit to our hotel. If nitrous oxide patterns are found in the room, you will be asked to leave the hotel immediately.
  • Rent a room in your name, without staying in the room yourself.
  • Staying in the room with more than the permitted number of people.
  • Receiving guests in the room for the purpose of sexual commercial activities.
  • Cause any inconvenience by playing loud music or offensive or unacceptable behaviour.
  • To smoke anywhere in the Hotel. In case we notice that if there has been smoked in the room, you will get a penalty of €175,00. If the fire alarm is triggered by smoking, the call-out costs of the fire service of €275,00 will be charged to you.
  • To spread confetti in your hotel room, if we find this we will charge you €25,00 cleaning costs.
  • Leaving your room dirty beyond what is reasonable. In normal use, there are at most some chips, crumbs, a piece of paper on the floor. In all situations that exceeds normal use, we will charge you €25,00 cleaning costs.
  • To extend the stay on your own initiative. If you wish to extend this period, this can be done in consultation with our reception and against payment of the applicable rate. Check-out must be before 11 a.m. We charge €25,00 for every half hour that you stay in the room longer.
  • In any case which has not been mentioned or provided for in the above rules, the hotels decision is final.